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Huge decrease in pork imports to Ukraine

Pork imports to Ukraine decreased by five times to a volume of 30,800 tonnes in 2014. This was good news for domestic producers, who were able to increase their supply to the Ukrainian market.

Experts say that one of the main reasons of this decrease is the devaluation of the hrivnia. As the result commercial pigs in Ukraine are now cheaper than anywhere in Europe.

Exporting to Ukraine unprofitable

"In 2013 Ukrainian pig farmers sold their pork at €2,- per 1 kg of live weight, while in Europe the price was €1.60 per kg. Today the price in Ukraine has dropped to between €1 and €1,20 compared with €1.25 per 1 kg in Europe, which makes exporting to Ukraine simply unprofitable," said Viktor Maslov of the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (UAC).

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