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Miratorg to replace imported equipment at pig farms

Russian agricultural giant Miratorg will replace foreign equipment at pig farms with domestic produced equipment. It is expected that this measure will Miratorg decrease the cost of pork production by 30% compared to the current rate.

The company's assets in the Belgorod and Kursk Oblasts include 27 pig farms that annually produce more than 3 million pigs, efficiency increase will save the firm millions of dollars within the coming several years.

Miratorg is planning to cooperate with domestic equipment producers, which will guarantee high production quality.

"Our calculations show that the gradual replacement of foreign equipment with domestic equivalents will let the company reduce operating costs by more than 30% over the medium term. Our new suppliers will go through careful selection to guarantee maintenance of all aspects and parameters of the technology," said the technical director of Miratorg, Sergey Kirillov.

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  • JA Veltkamp

    De Rubel is nu zo laag dat ik er aan zit te denken om een nieuwe Lexus uit Rusland te importeren. Weet iemand of dat mag met het huidige embargo? Er zullen er nu ook wel lezers zijn die mij een overloper vinden. Prima. IS vecht ook met westerse wapens, wie leverd die?

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