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DNA tests show one third of ‘Irish pork’ is not Irish

The latest DNA results of pork products from Irish butchers showed that one third of the products labelled as Irish were in fact not.

In December (2014), the Irish Farmers Association (IFA) tested 91 products in butchers, independent and retail, in Wexford, Galway, Cork and Cavan and found 26 (29%) were not on the Irish database. Of the 26 products 25 originated from independent butcher shops.

Mislabelling of Irish pork down from 50%

However, these new results are a step in the right direction as previous DNA testing of pig meat in Irish butchers revealed that over 50% of the products sampled from across the butchers was not assigned to the Irish boar database.

IFA horrified about fresh pork imports

Pat O'Flaherty, IFA National Pigs and Pigmeat Committee Chairman, said: "Another major cause for concern is that fact that there were a number of stores stocking imported loin chops. Of the 26 products that were not Irish, 40% were loin chops and 44% were back rashers. We are horrified that fresh pork is being imported into this country. This is a new development and one which the consumer would never expect".

[Source: IFA]

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