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Brittany supports pig farmers

The French region of Brittany, which counts for some 60 percent of the national pork production, has announced a number of measures to support the pig industry. The package is part of the national action plan for the sector which was agreed earlier this week by the minister for agriculture Stéphane le Foll and the chairman of the national pig holders association Paul Auffray,

Pig holders in Brittany, who suffered from the low prices for pigs in Europe, can get a relief of social charges, amounting to 3.200 to 3.500 euro per year per holding. Furthermore, they can also claim a refund for the interest paid on loans taken out for the modernisation of their premises. The department of agricultural will pay such refunds from a special fund for this purpose. The banks in the region will also help by supporting farmers in financial need 'after studying their individual situation'.

Improve competitiveness of the pig and pork industry

France also wants to improve the competitiveness of the pig and pork industry. One of the ideas is to make a separation between French and foreign meat in the shops in order to tell the consumer which meat to buy if they want to support farmers in their own country. Earlier, the pig industry demanded clearer labelling of pork and pork products in the shops for the same reason.

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