News last update:Feb 25, 2016

Axion ThermoControl to improve feed intake in hot weather

Axion ThermoControl is a complementary feed that should reduce the negative effects of high temperatures when it comes to feed intake. It prevents the loss of body condition and the decrease of piglets weight at weaning, claims CCPA Group, the manufacturer of Axion ThermoControl.

Swine are very sensitive to ambient temperature increase. A temperature over 25°C can affect the performance because feed intake decreases. Sows lose body condition and piglets weight at weaning decreases. Axion ThermoControl, manufactured by the CCPA Group, should reduce the negative effects of high temperatures.

According to the CPPA Group, the benefits of this complementary feed are:

  • Better feed valorization:
  • Improved nutrients digestibility
  • More pancreatic and intestinal digestive secretions
  • More production performance
  • Stimulation of appetite
  • Less body condition loss
  • Better comfort for the animal

Axion ThermoControl consists of natural active ingredients, that improve sows feed intake and body condition at weaning, which results in a longer production career for sows and a better profitability for the farm, says CPPA Group.

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