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Listeria kills 15th victim in Denmark

A listeria outbreak in Denmark has in recent weeks been a cause of deaths in the country.

It has been confirmed that the number of people affected by the outbreak has risen to 38 and a 15th death has been announced by the Danish State Serum Institute (SSI).

Delhi meat, rullepølse – a rolled, seasoned pork product – produced by the Hedehusene-based  food company Jørn A. Rullepølser A/S  has been discovered to be the cause of the outbreak. The food company has since the discovery been shut down with a total recall of products.

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In addition, consumers who might have halibut (hellefisk in Danish) purchased from Hjerting Laks before June 1st in their freezers have been advised  to throw it out or return it to where it was purchased.  Thus far 30 products  including rullepølse, salami and hot dogs  were recalled.

The outbreak strain of the Listeria has been identified as ST-224 by genome sequencing, the SSI reports
This comes in the midst of the Danish government proposing cutting food safety funding.

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