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Impex launches high welfare pig toy at EuroTier

Specialist in drinking equipment, Impex Barneveld, will introduce a new toy for pigs, called Porkyplay, at EuroTier.

The innovation distinguishes itself from other toys as it is made of biodegradable material with an antibacterial function, killing 99.9% of E.coli and methicyllin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria.

Other specific characteristics are the design and various scents. There is a choice of five scents so that the pig has the idea of having a new toy each time when a different scent is being presented. While playing with the toy, the scent intensifies and the pigs play longer, reducing stress and tail biting.

Impex can be found at EuroTier in Hall 11, booth F37.

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