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Belarus faces a deficit of pork due to ASF

The Government of Belarus has recently confirmed that the country faces a pork shortage due to African Swine Fever (ASF).

"Deficit of pork in stores is not connected with the fact that the state has recently stopped regulating the selling prices for meat. The real reason for this situation lies in the consequences of last year's outbreaks of ASF. They have resulted in a decrease of pig stock by 20% on industrial farms and  on small farms – by half. In a short time it is impossible to compensate such losses," said Nicholas Snapkou, Minister of Economy of Belarus.

The shortage of pork is pushing prices up. Experts say that during recent months the rise of pork prices in Belarus was the most significant among all countries of the Customs Union.

In particular according to the Consumers Union the cost of pork neck a month ago was BYR 93,000 (US$8.89) per kilogram, two weeks ago – BYR 145,000 (US$ 14.3), and now BYR 175,000 (US$ 16.8).

Nicholas Snapkou has commented that the Ministry of Economy should continue to monitor the situation regarding the selling prices and if it is needed the authorities may take measures to stop the increase.

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