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Russia will be 85% self-sufficient in pork production by 2017

Russia will increase the rate of self-sufficiency in pork production to 85% by 2017 with a total production capacity of approximately 4.1 million tonnes per year, according to the recently published forecast by the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.

"Keeping the pace of production growth at the current rate we would be able to reach the planned performance indicator provided by the Food Security Doctrine in terms of pork self-sufficiency at the level of 85%," said the report.

According to official data in 2013, pork production in all categories of farms totaled 3.6 million tonnes, which is 10.3 % more than in 2012 while in the industrial sector the country had a record increase in production - 501,000 tonnes in live weight, a 25% increase over the previous year.

In general, Russia plans to achieve self-sufficiency of 100% or 4.5 million tonnes of pork in 2021, and by this time it wants to completely stop imports.

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