News last update:Feb 25, 2016

Major pig production projects announced in Ukraine

Despite the continued political and economic problems in Ukraine, the pork production industry continues to attract large investments in new projects.

In particular, the agricultural holding BEZRK-Belgrankorm (RF) announced its plans to build a pig farm producing 15,000 head or 25,000 tonnes of pig meat annually at Belgrankorm-Poltavschina Ltd. (Poltava region).

The decision was made by the Russian agricultural holding on the basis of performance of its Ukrainian subsidiary. In 2013, Poltava facilities of the Russian agricultural holding was the most profitable.

Ukraine hosts three companies of the agricultural holding: Belgrankorm-Poltavschina (pig farming complex), Yasnye Zori-Poltavschina (processing plant) and Gromada-Agro (plant growing).

The profits of the Ukrainian subsidiary of the Russian agricultural holding (10,300 tonnes annually) was over RUB300 million (about US$8.5 million), taking into account compensations and subsidies provided by Ukrainian authorities.

Much more extensive plans are being made by Seaboard Foods Company, the second largest pork producer in the United States. The revenue of Seaboard Foods in 2012 was over US$2 billion annually.

Seaboard Foods intends to work with Kernel holding to build the largest pig farm in the Kharkiv region, investing US$600 million in a pig farm and US$100 million in a meat packing plant.

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