News last update:Feb 25, 2016

Major pig farming project launched in Russia

In Primorsk Krai, Russian Far East the largest pig production cluster has been launched, including the construction of six pig farms, feed mill and purchasing of agricultural land for growing of feed crops.

It is assumed that the total capacity of pig farms within this project will amount to 500,000 pigs per year. Also the project provides the construction of Genetics and Selection Centre with the capacity of 40,000 pigs per year.

The total square of the agricultural land that will be used for production of feed crops is estimated at 7 thousand hectares.
The project should reach full production capacity by 2019, when the volume of pork production will amount to 59,000 tonnes in live weight. By 2018, production of soybeans and corn for animal feed will exceed 185,000 tonnes. The total investment amount of the project is estimated at US$1bn.

This project aims to increase the self-sufficiency of the Primorsky Krai area and the Russian Far East . Aimed at increasing pork production up to 80% and also to increase the export supplies primarily to the countries of the Asian-Pacific.

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