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Adisseo launches the Enzyme Clinic

Adisseo is launching the Enzyme Clinic, a unique tailor-made training session - a balanced mix of scientific lectures and practical exercises - on how to select and get the most from feed enzymes in a context where a large offer of products and conflicting information make the decision process more difficult.

This training is provided by Adisseo's nutritionists and technology experts.

Enzymes increase nutrient availability in feed and contribute to better animal performance, lower feed costs and pollution reduction.

Since enzymes are highly specific proteins which work in very small quantities, it is necessary to have precise knowledge on their modes of action, the nutritional implications of their effects and their handling properties for premix or feed applications.

Hélène Lionet-Llorca, Adisseo Enzymes Business Unit director, highlighted the benefits of this program: "This training offer concentrates the knowledge Adisseo has gained in its active participation of enzymes use in feed over the last 20 years. It is also the result of the  R&D investment that we dedicate every year to enzyme application, and the cooperations we have with external partners. Most importantly, it includes all the various information and techniques that we have generated from the practical application of enzymes." It is designed to benefit nutritionists, quality managers, mill managers and purchasers.

Depending on a participant's predefined needs, Adisseo sets up a 2-3 days training program developed specifically for them. This program is officially recognised as a training course by the French professional education authorities. It is made up of specific modules on different topics, from selection of the appropriate enzyme preparation, value extraction in formulation, application technologies to methods for checking enzyme activity in complete feeds.


The training includes presentations, videos and practical workshops on feed enzymes,  as well as special tests developed by Adisseo to help in enzyme assessment.


**The location of the training in France - is at the CERN  (the Adisseo Center of Expertise in Research and Nutrition).

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