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APK-invest increases pork production despite turbulence

Over the first nine months of 2014 Ukraine’s largest pork producer, APK-Invest increased pork production by 18% to 40,000 tonnes year-on-year despite the temporary difficulties which the company faced due to the armed conflict on the east of the country.

The company's profit over the same period jumped by 35% to UAH 967 million (US$60.5 million) year-on-year and they enjoyed the rising prices on the domestic market, which aided its level of profit and revenue.

At the same time, APK-Invest has been forced to close all its facilities in the region controlled by rebels. The company's assets located mostly in Donetsk Oblast, which brought some turbulence to the operation of the company in the middle of the year with the start of the armed conflict.

The management of APK-Invest have expressed confidence that the company will continue to grow despite the temporary problems and will show strong operational results by the end of 2014. The official statistical information indicated that the company remains the largest producer of pork in Ukraine with the share of 18% of the total country's production.

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