News last update:Feb 25, 2016

Spray against tail biting presented at EuroTier

British animal nutrition company A-One Feed Supplements will present a newly developed spray at EuroTier, designed to discourage pigs to embark on tail biting.

The spray, called TailGuard, is a proprietary blend of water, bitter principals, naturally derived oils and preservatives – but no alcohol. The idea is to spray this blend directly at the pig's tail or the area surrounding the tail. The product gels as it makes contact with the pig and will remain on the pig for at least two weeks.

Apart from having a bitter taste – hence discouraging the pigs from biting – the spray does not have any side effects, trials showed. The natural spray, developed in cooperation with UK company Yorkshire Hygiene Solutions, comes in bottles of 500 ml.

The product can stay on the pigs relatively long and has a red colour, so it is easy to see which pigs have been treated and pigs also recognise this colour.

In case of an accident, the spray can be washed off with warm water or a dilute bleach solution.

So far, limited trials have been carried out with the spray, but where it has been put in practice, the experiences have been positive. Additional trials are being scheduled in UK's larger herds. Future research should also address the question whether or not it can also be used in response to a tail biting outbreak.

Especially in the European mainland, tail biting is a growing concern. Public opinion has turned against the practice of tail docking, which makes finding alternatives for a solution of tail biting acute.

A-One Feed Supplements can be found in Hall 16, stand D24.

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