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Fried pork voted Denmark’s first National dish

The Danish people have voted fried pork belly slices with parsley sauce and potatoes as the ‘Danish National Dish’ from a shortlist of eight dishes which included recipes with herring, hamburger and an open sandwich.

More than 63,000 Danes took part in the vote and on 20 November, fried pork belly slices with parsley sauce and potatoes was named as the Danish National Dish. Danish open sandwiches received the second-largest number of votes.

Danish Food Minister Dan Jørgensen, who initiated the process of choosing a national dish to have a debate on Danish meals and eating habits, says:

"The National Dish campaign has put a new focus on our eating habits. I am very pleased about that, and my hope is that we will all eat a little healthier; that we will buy more sustainably produced food - and enjoy it together with friends and family."

Besides fried pork and open sandwiches, the selected dishes are: fried herring with potatoes; Danish hamburger with fried egg and onion; mashed potatoes with bacon and onion; pork chops with stewed cabbage; meat rissoles with stewed peas and carrots; and fried apples and pork.

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