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Marel launches pork fore-end deboner

Meat equipment producer Marel introduced a novelty at the International Production & Processing Expo this year: An automatic fore-end deboner.

The machine, called DeboFlex, is based on those used in poultry production – but instead of hanging entire poultry carcasses on the shackle based moving belt, here pork legs are hanging. It required an adjustment of the system.

Instead of the legs having to be moved and turned around on a table, the legs now move slowly at the right level in front of the workers, thus relieving their work load which adds to cutting accuracy and increased yield. Heavy lifting is also a thing of the past and the number of contact moments with the carcass is reduced.

One first version of the machine is currently working at Compaxo, a meatpacker in Zevenaar, the Netherlands – a second line is planned in Brazil.

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