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People: BPEX – new environment, buildings business support

BPEX is enhancing its service to the industry by the appointment of Thomas Burling in the role of environment and buildings business support.

Burling has spent much of his life with pigs, starting at the age of just 17, starting off during school holidays and then working full time.

He has now completed his time at university and has an MSc in Environment Management from Sheffield Hallam.

Environment programme manager Nigel Penlington said: "We are very pleased he is joining us to enhance the services we offer the industry.

"He will be looking at buildings and the environment both of which are extremely important to the industry. He will be helping the industry address shortcomings in buildings – particularly finishing accommodation – and assisting the industry in preparing for the future."

Burling added, "I am looking forward to working at BPEX. I have a passion for the pig industry and believe I can help when it comes to facing the challenges that will inevitably come."

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