News last update:Feb 25, 2016

VIV Europe Roadshow to kick off, Myanma master classes

This September VIV Europe will kick off the VIV Europe Roadshow with master classes in Myanmar and Saudi Arabia. The Livestock and Aquaculture Master Class Myanmar’ and the ‘VIV Poultry Master Class’ in Saudi Arabia. Both master classes will share expert knowledge and will introduce the latest innovations, each in its own specialised area.

In the run up to the event, VIV Europe, to be held on May 20-22 in Utrecht, the Netherlands, a global tour will be organized: the VIV Europe Roadshow. This Roadshow will offer a choice of master classes, summits, pavilions and other networking events. In fact the VIV Europe 2014 Roadshow will offer an eight month period of unique opportunities to connect with professionals in animal protein production worldwide.

The VIV Livestock and Aquaculture Master Class Myanmar will be hosted by Ildex Myanmar. It will take place on 12 September, the final day of Ildex Myanmar. VIV is bringing all major influencers in the industry together for a livestock and aquaculture master class in Tatmadaw Hall, Yangon, Myanmar. Several major speakers from the industry will share their knowledge in five different sessions. The master class is supported by global players such as Alltech, Big Dutchman, Liptosa, Blue Aqua and Biomin.

Registration for the VIV Livestock & Aquaculture Master Class is free of charge. Visit our website here for more informationabout the VIV Livestock and Aquaculture Master Class and other upcoming Roadshow events.

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