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Seminar on algae attracts 100 specialists

About 100 specialists attended a seminar on seaweed and algae in animal nutrition in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, last month.

The city's Hotel Sofitel was the venue for the seminar, attended by e.g. researchers from the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) as well as Breton politicians. It was organised by French feed additives company Olmix.

Delegates were told that seaweed and algae extracts can be used as alternatives to in-feed antibiotics, to be used for e.g. pigs. Fishmeal is very expensive and used in large quantities in the aqua industry. The coast of Brittany is rich in huge amounts of seaweeds.

Fortunately certain seaweeds are very rich in protein and can help reduce the amount of fishmeal used in the aqua industry.
Prior to the annual SPACE livestock show held in Rennes in September, the company is organising the 'Breizh Algae Tour', which will take place in northern Brittany and includes a visit to the world’s first algae bio-refinery.

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