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DSM seminar: New trends in pork production

The latest technologies and trends in modern pig management and pork production means spotlighting not only nutrition, but also health, welfare and specialist management.

And this precisely sums up the strategy for the DSM Pig Tour Asia 2013 from September 2 - 6 in Japan, Korea and Thailand. Lined-up are some of the world's top specialists to present and discuss with the crucial facts that every up-to-date expert in the pork sector needs to know: the basis for reliable and profitable modern pork production.

Seminar speakers and their subjects are: management, health and nutrition including ultra-efficient enzyme utilisation from Tony Edwards, ACE Livestock Consulting in Australia and  the latest on vitamins and Hy-D(r) presented by prominent DSM vitamin  specialist Gilberto Litta. Always current, always controversial: what's happening after the AGP ban. One of DSM's top eubiotics experts, Rollie Valientes highlights the crucial role of eubiotics in replacing feed antibiotics and their important role in healthy, effective and efficient swine nutrition. Part of the Thailand seminar includes an exclusive look into global pork trading nowadays, courtesy of Rupert Claxton, senior consultant with the Gira Meat Club.

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