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Ukraine sees an increase in pork production

Pork production increased 7.1% due to governmental aid during the first half of the year, said reports by the government.

During this year pork producers as well as producers of other type of meat will continue to receive strong support from the state.

“This year the government is continuing to provide support for the development of livestock industry by allocating US$650 million.

Owing to grants and other forms of aid, Ukraine has been able to increase production of livestock and livestock products,” said the report.

The support of producers is carried out in the number of ways, including subsidies for maintenance and rearing of young animals.
“During the first half of 2013, agricultural production increased 15.5% compared to the same period last year. Government subsidies for maintenance and rearing of young cattle at the beginning of the year have helped increase the number of agricultural animals’ population in the country by 5.2%,” stated the reports.

In addition, the improvement of already operating support programs will continue. “The government continues to work on improving existing programs to support individual farmers and to stimulate construction and reconstruction of large livestock farms.”

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