News last update:Feb 25, 2016

Solution to food security crisis

The solution to the food security crisis looming across the globe is increasing access to nutritious food for women and children, according to delegates at the Youth Ag Summit.

The summit, which involved close to 120 people from more than 20 countries, spent a week (19-25 August) in Calgary, Canada, discussing the issue of food security.

After a week of lectures, visits and discussions, the group agreed that the major issues to be tackled include increasing consumer awareness of the agriculture industry, reducing food waste, battling the effects of climate change and coping with a growing human footprint.

But the group decided that their one vision should be "to increase sustainable access to nutrient-dense food for women and children worldwide, to alleviate global hunger".

"Women are the world's primary food producers, responsible for producing 60-80% of all food in developing countries and almost half of the food we consume worldwide," said Derrick Rozdeba, Canadian marketing communications manager for summit sponsor Bayer CropScience.

"What the delegates have acknowledged is that by empowering these women and enabling them to produce more food we can increase the food supply for all men, women and children on the planet."

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