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People: Cherkizovo Group appoints head of pork division

Cherkizovo Group, a top meat and feed producer in Russia, reported the appointment of Alexander Zhukovsky to the position of Head of Pork Division.

Zhukovsky graduated with distinction from the Riga Higher Military Aviation Engineering School in 1980, and in 1991 graduated from the Air Force Engineering Academy in Moscow with a gold medal. In addition, Zhukovsky holds Ph.D degree and an MBA degree obtained under a joint program of the Russian Academy of National Economy and the University of Antwerp.

In 1975-1995 Zhukovsky served in the national Forces. After demobilization he occupied leadership roles in such major companies as Mars, Dancake, InBev, etc. Before stepping up to his newest role at the Cherkizovo Group, Alexander Zhukovsky worked as the Senior Procurement Director Agro at PepsiCo Russia.

As part of his new position Zhukovsky will supervise 14 pork complexes and three feed mills. His primary goals include reducing the prime cost of production and boosting operational indicators.

"We are thrilled that our industry-leading management team has been joined by another very experienced top manager as Zhukovsky," said Sergey Mikhailov, Cherkizovo Group CEO. 

“This year the Cherkizovo Group's pork segment will see an increase in production of more than 50%, with the addition of Zhukovsky to the segment marking the final step in the process of putting together an international team that already boasts manufacturing experts from the US with more than 20 years of experience.  Zhukovsky is facing a serious and far-reaching goal: to improve the production and financial indicators in the segment and provide for stable, long-term growth.”

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