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Fancom wins Innov’Space Award

Fancom has won the French Innov’Space Award. The firm received the two-star award for the Fancom Pig Cough Monitor, the audio analysis system for early registration of health abnormalities.

The system consists of a control with analysing software and two microphones installed at several locations to record sound.

This sound is then filtered initially to distinguish general pig sounds, then separating these from coughing. This information is graphically presented to the end-user (farmer, veterinarian…) and alarms are raised when thresholds are exceeded. From there the farmer can determine the acceptable level of coughing against a pre-set norm.

The Pig Cough Monitor will be presented on our stand during SPACE in Rennes, France, stand C34 in hall 2/3 (10 -13 September 2013).


** UPDATE: This week at the start of the SPACE show - Fancom has received a third (complimentary) star.


  • Fancom wins Innov’Space Award

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