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New major pig farm to be built in central Russia

In the Ulyanovsk region a new investment is taking place for the construction of a new modern pig farm in Krasnoborsk, Terengulsky district.

The Ministry of Agriculture in the Ulyanovsk region said that the investment project, funded by the state agricultural company, involves the construction of a pig farm for 1,260 sows with a closed production cycle.

According to investors, the project will lead to the production of of about 3,500 tonnes of live weight pork per year. The project is designed to develop production capacity.

The first phase of construction of the pig farm for 30,000 pigs is planned to be finished in mid-2014. The volume of investments is to be more than RUB700 mln (US$23mln), according to the representatives of the project.

According to the Minister of Agriculture of the region Alexander Chepuhina, the new farm will create about 70 new jobs and the farm will make the region self-sufficient in pork production.

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