News last update:Feb 25, 2016

BPEX launches pioneering practical pig app

A new Practical Pig app has been launched by BPEX, featuring short video clips that demonstrate practical management techniques on farm.

The free app is available for smartphone and tablet computer users and the videos are also available to download from the BPEX website onto a PC or laptop.

BPEX Knowledge transfer manager Angela Cliff says: “It’s an exciting new tool for the pig industry, using the visual power of videos to demonstrate important everyday tasks – and what’s great is that managers and stockmen can use the app while they’re out and about on farm.

“The clips explain why tasks are done in a certain way and what impact that can have on pig productivity. Attention to detail is essential on every unit to improve pig performance.”

The extensive library of video clips currently covers both indoor and outdoor breeding herd production, with more clips being added regularly.

“If there is something producers would like to be added, please let the knowledge transfer team know. It’s a dynamic video library that we can build to suit producers’ needs,” added Cliff.

Breeding herd management has been covered first, as part of the Breed +3 initiative, and filming for finishing unit management clips is due to start in autumn 2013.

To download the app for smartphone or tablet go to and search for BPEX Practical Pig or, to download the videos on a PC or laptop, go to

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