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People: Changes at Vion Food Germany

Norbert Barfuß, director of Vion Food Germany until this Monday, will step down. The Dutch meat processor’s executive board has decided to charge the entire Food Germany management team with this task in order to decisively and successfully implement this process on the important German market.

Stefaan Vansteenkiste, Erik Schöttl, Bernd Stange, David Müller-Elmau, Bernd Stark, Gereon Schulze-Althoff, Heinz Schweer, Michel Govaert and Armin Trinkwalder will become operationally responsible in Germany. The team will be led by Stefaan Vansteenkiste who is also the CEO of Vion Food.

This shift of responsibilities will not affect Vion’s working methods in Germany nor its contacts with suppliers and clients. Vion emphasises that the German management team members formerly responsible for operational matters will dedicate themselves to their tasks and will guarantee the continuity of daily business.

Vion's executive board is confident that, under new leadership, the German organisation can turn the necessary changes into positive results. The first steps have already been taken in the shape of the announcement of the changes at the Hilden location. The objective is to make Vion Food Germany even stronger, more efficient and client oriented.

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