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Natural feed additive helps control Brachyspira

A new trial in Romania confirmed that a natural growth promoter can preventively help fight diarrhoea infections caused by the gastrointestinal pathogenic bacteria species Brachyspira.

The research was carried out with the gut flora modulator B-Safe, a feed additive produced by French-based feed additive producer Neovia.

In the trial, a diet with this feed additive was tested against a diet with a control formula, also containing a natural growth promoter. Both control and experimental groups were raised in the same building from 30 to 94 days of age. Since the livestock had been contaminated unexpectedly by Brachyspira during the trial, it also allowed the researchers to compare both solutions.

The diet containing the gut flora modulator, used in a preventive way, enabled to limit the impact of Brachyspira on animals. Mortality proved not to be different between the groups (both at 4%), morbidity, however, was significantly reduced in the feed additive group (4%) compared to the control group (24%).

This criterion can also be related to the difference of zootechnical results, such as live weight end feed conversion rate. By better managing the intestinal health, the feed additive allowed better nutrient absorption and utilisation and less adverse effects of Brachyspira from a diarrhoea point of view.

The breeder calculated the additional medication linked to the Brachyspira outbreak. In the control group, twice the quantity of tiamulin was used when compared to the feed additive group in order to cure the same number of piglets. In addition, colistin and a combination of penicillin and streptomycin had to be used to large amounts in the control group – these were not used in the feed additive group.


  • Natural feed additive helps control Brachyspira

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