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SafePork 2013 to be held in Portland

The next edition of SafePork is underway – the next edition will be held in Portland, ME, United States, from 9-12 September.

The event is aimed at researchers, policy makers and industry representatives active in control and prevention of zoonoses of pig origin and other food safety concerns. They will gather to discuss the farm to abattoir relationships for pigs and pork.

The organisers want to open this conference to all methods that illustrate these risks and contribute to their control, including but not limited to identification and control methods, management changes or alternatives for antimicrobials that reduce use of antimicrobials and on-farm zoonoses and public policy actions to stimulate these changes. Interventions to protect people working in the pork production chain will encouraged.

The conference is the tenth conference in a row that started in Ames, IA, in the USA with a conference on Salmonella in pigs and pork. Because this conference clearly satisfied a need for the exchange of knowledge on this subject, it was decided to organise the next conference in Copenhagen, Denmark one year later. Since then, every two years, conferences have been organised in Washington DC (USA), Leipzig (Germany), Crete (Greece), Sonoma Valley (CA, United States), Verona (Italy), Québec (Canada) and in 2011 in Maastricht (the Netherlands).

In 2009, among many other subjects, the first results of investigations on MRSA were presented.  Additionally, in 2011, antimicrobial resistance was also emphasised.

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