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Large pig farm to be built in Tyumen Oblast, Siberia

The Siberian Agrarian Group (SAG) will build a large pig farm in Tyumen Oblast, Siberia, the region is already full with pork production.

The production capacity of the pig farm that SAG will start building in May 2014, will amount to 24,000 tonnes of meat in live weight, said the project leaders.

The investment amount of the project is about RUB 4.5-5bn (US$150-170mln), including loans.

By 2015, SAG is set to build a number of production facilities for keeping of 216,000 pigs and for production of 24,500 tonnes of meat in live weight per year, with a feed mill for the production of 81,500 tonnes of feed and a slaughtering facility with the capacity of 1,000 heads per shift. A very similar pig farm is currently being built by SAG in the Bolshemurtinsky district,  Krasnoyarsk Krai, stated the representatives of the project.

However, chief specialist for the livestock of the regional administration of Tyumen Oblas, Viktor Kugaevsky, is sure that SAG will face difficulties with selling its products in the future. The reason is that Tyumen Oblast is currently 100% self-sufficient in pork. Here, it is already operating three large pig enterprise – farms "Jubilee" (90,000), "Soglasie" (40,000) and "Complex" (19,000).

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