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Italian pork association expects €10 million higher income

A rise of export flow of at least €10 million – that is what the Italian industry association for slaughter and pork processing (Assica) expects to see now the United States is opening up for cured pork products from Italy.

As from today, cured Italian meat (e.g. salami, bacon, culatello, coppa and others) can be exported to United States, but only from the Northern Regions of Italy. This means that one of the most important Italian areas for sausage production escapes the tariff barriers that prevent the full development of Italian exports of meats in the world.

Assica estimates that in 2014, the first effective year of the opening of the new products at early ages to United States, the flow of exports would increase by about €10 million, to which must be added a ‘driving effect’ on exports of cured hams, cooked hams and mortadella.

Lisa Ferrarini, Assica chairman, said: “The expansion of target markets and the achievement of the squares with the greatest potential for growth with the full range of our excellence objectives are therefore increasingly indispensable.”

She continued, “This is clearly demonstrated this difficult year in which there is a decline in domestic consumption and the European markets, accounting for 76.5% of our exports. Exports to third markets have been an important hitch.”

In 2012, according to the calculations of Assica on the basis of Istat data, exports of Italian cold cuts have exceeded 138,440 tons (+3.8%), marking an important new record in terms of value: €1,116 billion (+7.2%). (by Matteo Bernardelli)

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