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China: Meat from diseased pigs sold, farmers detained

In China three farmers have been detained due to operating an illegal business of selling meat from diseased pigs.

It has been reported that three farmers were contracted to get rid of swine that died of disease on a farm in the south eastern province of Fujian, however they sold the meat for human consumption.

Diseased pigs
Investigators discovered "pseudo-rabies virus" - related to the herpes virus and also the virus that causes Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS), also known as blue ear disease, "which likely killed the pigs. "Both viruses are highly contagious and fatal to the animals," said a report.

This comes just after the scandal where thousands of dead pigs were discovered in China’s rivers in March this year. Food safety is a big problem in China.

While the illegal pork business was operating,  more than 40 tonnes of pork were sold.

Source: channelnewsasia

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