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Pork prices remain stable in Ukraine

The ban pork imports from Brazil implemented by Ukraine’s veterinary authorities in late of March 2013 has not affected the price situation on the Ukrainian pork market, Ukraine authorities claim.

"The purchase price of pork has stopped at one level – it is neither rising, nor falling. However, we expected that it will grow," said director general of the Ukrainian Meat Production Corporation Tvarynprom, Serhiy Hnatiuk. He also added that currently, the average purchase price of pork (in live weight) in Ukraine is standing at UAH 16 (US$ 1.94) per kilogram, which is just about the same level as it was before the restrictions came into force.

Asked whether an increase in the price of sausages was possible due to the lack of cheaper meat from Brazil, he said that previously the use of meat from Brazil did not reduce the cost of the products.

At the same time, Hnatiuk supported the decision of the State Veterinary and Bio-security Service of Ukraine to stop imports of pork from Brazil, noting that Ukraine does not need a large volume of imported pork, as the country is boosting its own production from year to year. In 2013 it is expected  that pork production will expand by 8-10% compared to 2012, to 770,000-780,000 tonnes.

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