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Ukraine bans imports of pork from Brazil

Pork imports from Brazil are currently not allowed to enter Ukraine, as the country has placed a temporary ban on imports due to poor meat quality.

In late February, the State Veterinary and Biosecurity Service of Ukraine said it found that the microbiological contamination level of frozen pork supplied by Brazilian-based Brasil Foods S.A. exceeded the maximum possible indicator. Also in February, the service placed a temporarily ban the import of animal products from Brazilian-based producer, Alibem Comercial de Alimentos Ltda because frozen pork did not meet Ukrainian microbiological standards.

The press service of the State Veterinary and Biosecurity Service of Ukraine has stated that, "Due to systemic establishment of a lack of correspondence of safety indicators of pork from various companies from Brazil to the requirements of Ukrainian law, and guided by Article 51 of the Ukrainian law on safety and quality of foodstuffs, a resolution of the chief state inspector of veterinary medicine of Ukraine from 20 March 20 2013 temporarily suspended imports of pork from Brazil to Ukraine.

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