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Rotecna develops new electric heated plates

Rotecna has developed 3 new electric heated plates models of big dimensions that allow heating the areas where a specific high comfort micro-climate is required in farrowing, weaning or wean to finish.

Due to the size variety of the heating plate models (1200x400 mm, 1200x500 mm and 1200x600mm) they can be adapted to any slat in a great number of combinations.

On one hand, the three sizes (1200x400, 1200x500 and 1200x600) make them adaptable to a great variety of installations. Moreover, its solid construction and the applied material prevent thermal transmission through direct convection to the heating plate body. The reduced power required for functioning of the plates allows optimizing the number of regulators, the electrical installation capacity and power of the installation.
On the other hand, the independent support “out-dirt” provides for flexible emplacement of heating plates.

•    Easy and quick installation.
•    Optimized irradiation and efficiency.
•    High comfort for weaners.
•    Resistant.
•    No edges providing for easy cleaning.
•    Anti-slip relieves.
•    Security and protection due to the possibility to move away the connection point to the electric red from the animal access.


Dimensions 120x40 120x50 120x60
Power, W 120 150 180
Voltage, V 230
Heated area , m2 0,45 0,57 0,69
Installation connection Voltage regulator
Cable length, m. 4

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