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Ukraine plans to cut pork imports by 40%

Ukraine plans to reduce the level of pork imports in 2013 by 40%. And reduced the total comsumption of imported meat from 17% to 7%, Mykola Prysiazhniuk, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food announced at the press-conference.

The country’s pig production industry will be able to reach this figure through the implementation of the Federal Program of Economy Development for 2013-2014, that provides support for pork producers. According to the report, the Program involves the construction and renovation of 153 livestock facilities. In addition, the state will provide support for individual farmers and family farms owners so they can boost pork production and increase its marketability.

In 2012 Ukraine imported 203,700 tonnes of pork, which is almost a 74% higher than the 2011 level (86,200 tonnes). Market experts and analysts all agree that Ukraine will not be able to limit pork imports without the implementation of market protectionist mechanisms by the government. Therefore, at the beginning of this week, the Ukrainian Association of Pig Producers has asked the Prime Minister to raise the import duty on pork.

Meanwhile, processors have pointed out the import of raw materials is what keeps prices affordable for the Ukrainian consumer. “Brazilian meat costs UAH 20-23 (US$ 2.4-2.8) per kg, while domestic is from UAH 50 (US$ 6.1) per kg. Once imports are limited the domestic producers will monopolize the market. And once that happens they will raise the prices,” said Lyudmila Drygalo, co-owner of one of the country's largest food producers, Drygalo.

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