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Nuscience Group - strong growth in 2012

Specifically, Nuscience grew its revenues 25% year over year and has as such a very strong growth in operational result. The growth was driven by the success in the emerging markets China and Ukraine, positive evolutions in the Benelux and the introduction of innovative products.

‘Nuscience Group had an incredible year of both revenue and net profit growth,’ says Patrick Keereman, CEO. ‘2012 was very successful and we are confident that with our current strategy and investment plans for the coming years, we are building the momentum to continue this growth path!’

The recently acquired Hungarian company Környe is not included in these numbers so the growth can be seen as organic. For the coming years Nuscience will invest in production technology in Belgium and the Netherlands with the realisation of 2 new plants.
Patrick Keereman: ‘To accelerate and manage our strong growth we have appointed a second COO for our worldwide group in the person of Katrien Deschepper. Katrien is already for many years active in our company and will be responsible for all matters related to our products (R&D, quality, product management) and the management of our Functional Feed Ingredient division.’

Nuscience Group keeps focusing on expanding its presence in emerging markets and the research and development of new, science-based practical solutions for the animal feed sector.

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