News last update:Feb 25, 2016

EU animal health committee ─ re-election

Gwyn Jones has pledged to continue to fight for practical, realistic and evidence based animal health and welfare policies in the EU after being re-elected to one of the European Union’s most influential animal health and welfare committees.

Jones was voted in as vice chairman of the Copa-Cogeca Animal Health and Welfare Working Party which is made up of farmer representatives from all 28 EU Member States.

Following his election, Jones said he was delighted with his continued role on the working party which will work closely with the European Commission to shape future animal health and welfare policy.

"I am looking forward to continuing working with Copa and my colleagues from across Europe, especially at this important moment in time when we see a huge legislative package on official inspections and a proposed Animal Health Law working its way through the European institutions." said Jones.

"Of course as well, our work continues with the challenge of antimicrobial resistance. Farmers need to use antibiotics to maintain Europe's very high standards of animal health and welfare, and we must also continue to work with the veterinary profession to make sure every European farmer is using antibiotics responsibly.

"We must also put the issue into perspective. There is a greater problem in human medicine with the overuse and misuse of antibiotics. We must therefore ensure the spotlight is not disproportionally focused on livestock farmers and that any new regulations are evidence-based and science-led," he added.

Source: NFU

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