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Miratorg to up production of ready to cook pork products

Russia’s largest pork producer, ABH Miratorg, has launched a state-of-the-art meat packing plant “Case-Ready”, increasing production of pork semi-products in consumer’s package by 4 times to 83 thousand tonnes per year.

'Case-Ready' is part of the company's 'from field to shelf' strategy and will be installed in the Korotcha meat packing plant, in the Belgorod region. The aim is to increase the product line and develop distribution channels including its own supermarket networks. The new installation include 13 technological lines for production of ready-to-cook products: including minced meat, patties, steaks, large-sized and small-sized semi-finished products, brined and spicy products.

The current capacity of the Korotcha plant is 800 tonnes of products per day. After Case Ready lines reaches full capacity the production of pork in consumer's package will increase by about 320 tonnes per day or 40% of total volume of plant capacity.

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