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Miratorg increases pork production

Miratorg, currently the largest pork producer in Russia, has reported growth of key operational indicators for the period of January-September 2013 in comparison with the similar period of last year.

The company increased pork by output 34.5% to 265,500 tonnes in live weight against 197,400 tonnes produced the year before, and strengthened leadership in the this segment of the Russian livestock market. According to the report, the increase in production volume has been achieved following the commissioning of the new pig breeding complexes, as well as the improvement of operational performances of adjacent divisions within the vertically integrated structure of the holding.

The company is continueing the realisation of the long-term strategy aimed at the increase of key indicators of efficiency in the pork production segment and further growth of capacities with the commissioning of four new pig farms during 2014.

Also according to the report, the production of meat-processing enterprise of JSC SK Korocha (Belgorod region) of Miratorg in during the last nine months in 2013 has amounted to 190.300 tonnes – which is an increase of 55% in comparison to 122,600 thousand tonnes for the similar period of 2012.

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