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Danish launch new pork welfare concept

Danish Crown and Tican, two Danish meatpackers, have launched an initiative for a new pork welfare label.

The label, called 'Welfare Pig', as well as the production method, will be set up in cooperation with animal welfare organisations and Danish Pig Research. Conditions include no tail docking, more straw-based pig housing and sows in group housing throughout the pig cycles.

A declaration of intent was signed last week in Herning, at the annual swine congress – called Svinekongres. The concept is aimed at filling a gap between regular pork on one hand and organic pork on the other.

The meatpackers also look abroad with regard to this initiative. Key is that suppliers of welfare pigs will receive €0.27/kg more for compensation purposes. The welfare pork should be on supermarket shelves fairly soon.

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  • JGA Aganas

    I am actually looking for ideas to start a piggery farm in South Sudan where reputable farms do not exist and advice is scarce. Please help in terms of husing setup, feed patterns, drugs etc.

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