News last update:Feb 25, 2016

Tool launched for feed effects on pig farms

A novel software tool will help pig farms better determine what are the effects of the nutrition fed at their swine farms.

The tool, launched by French animal nutrition company Animine, is called Simmin – and is targeted at the whole pig production chain, from pig producers to veterinarians and from nutritionists to regulatory authorities. The educational model was developed on the basis of scientific publications and with the support of the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA).

It answers questions like: What is the influence of pharmacological dosage of zinc oxide for a limited period of time on total Zn excretion? Can we compensate such practice by lowering Zn dietary concentration in the finishing period? How may a phase feeding program in the fattening period improve the situation? What is the impact of a better feed conversion? It also models the zinc concentration of pig wastes, which is of particular value when they are used as fertilisers.

In a press release, the company describes the need for the development of this tool: “There is a growing concern to improve the environmental footprint from pig production, and minerals are in the front line. Apart from phosphorous, trace minerals like zinc and copper in feeds are increasingly regulated to reduce their excess in animal wastes, which may then accumulate in soils and waters after manure spreading. Until now, pig producers and feed manufacturers had no tool to simulate any change in mineral nutrition on the total life of the growing pig. “

The tool has been online since January 2013, and is freely accessible by clicking this link.

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