News last update:Feb 25, 2016

Miratorg - government support for new pig farms

Russian Agricultural Bank (RAB) has recently opened the new credit line with a limit of more than RUB 8 billion (US$ 270 mln) for Russia’s largest pork producer – agricultural holding Miratorg.

RAB is a special government bank and the new loan was allocated for implementation of the large investment projects for the construction of ten new pig farms in the Kursk region.

The farms will contain 27.5 000 sows. The total project cost is estimated at RUB 11 billion (US$370). The planned capacity of enterprises, according to estimations of Miratorg is 66,000 tonnes of meat per year.

"The total production capacity of the pig holding in the Belgorod and Kursk regions allow Miratorg to fully load meat processing plants located in the Belgorod region, with a capacity of 3 million pigs per year,” stated Miratorg.

The plans for the construction of the ten new pig farms in the Kursk region by 2018 have been expressed by the representatives of Miratorg before, however the parameters of the project as well as the amount and sources of funding were not disclosed.

Miratorg started the project in the Kursk region in 2010 with the construction of pig farms and modern facilities for feed crop storage as well as sites for special equipment in Pristensky districts of the Kursk region. Miratorg in December last year said that during 2013, the company plans to invest RUB 4.5 bln (US$ 150 mln) in the Kursk project.

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