News last update:Feb 25, 2016

AMIF releases 2012 Year in Review

The American Meat Institute Foundation (AMIF) has released a Year in Review that details the significant accomplishments of the organization over the past year. AMIF is a non-profit research, education, and information foundation established by the American Meat Institute (AMI).

During 2012, AMIF conducted many successful research projects, including working closely with customers in the retail community to address Listeria control in service deli operations. Research funded by both AMIF and the Food Marketing Institute Foundation has documented the potential for cross-contamination during storage, preparation and handling.  Both organizations continue working cooperatively to investigate Listeria control, develop solutions and communicate findings to the industry and regulatory agencies.

AMIF also conducted research on Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli (STEC) in beef products. The findings provided the necessary scientific support for plants to validate their HACCP plans and avoid unnecessary testing expenses associated with USDA’s declaration of an additional six STEC as adulterants in non-intact beef products.

Finally, groundbreaking research on the safety of nitrite to cure meat and poultry products occurred in 2012, as a team of international experts commissioned by AMIF published an updated review of ingested nitrate and nitrite and cancer.  This peer-reviewed scientific journal article documents the profound beneficial effects of nitric oxide in humans and found that human exposure to nitrite and nitrate should now be considered a normal and necessary part of human physiology.

All research can be viewed at the AMIF website at To read the complete AMIF 2012 Year in Review, click here.

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