News last update:Feb 25, 2016

Fraudsters approach Latvian pig farmers

The recent outbreak of Classical Swine Fever in Latvia is a result of the country having a large number of fraudsters that presented themselves as employees of the Latvian Food and Veterinary Service (FVS) - they offered private farmers pig vaccinations.

According to the official report of FVS these people are appearing in the quarantine zone and told pig farmers that they should pay so their pigs will be vaccinated. The fraudsters have already visited farms in Ogre and Kraslavskom districts.

There have been reports that these fraudsters are offering vaccinations at the cost of US$5-10 per dose, which is significantly higher that its market cost. It is still unclear if they are offering a real vaccine or whether it is a fake. Representatives of FVS is alerting farmers that within the European Union, including the Republic of Latvia it is still forbidden to vaccinate wild boars and domestic pigs against Classical Swine Fever.

The Food and Veterinary Service is encouraging residents and farmers to also be on alert regarding the false inspectors and telling them not to buy the vaccine.

The FVS also stated that if employees of FVS visits farms, farmers have the right to demand proper identification from them. In the official report the heads of FVS also pointed out that no cash transactions (whether the payment of a fine or other fees) should be made to the inspectors on-site.

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