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New ventilation system for pig houses

Hotraco Agri is introducing a historical innovation with a new ventilation system for pig houses named ‘Hotraco SmartFlow’.

This new ventilation system is based on the pressure difference which makes the use of a measuring fan in the pig rooms redundant. “We started a research for different ways of ventilation in January 2010 and now we are ready to show it to the world” as stated by Hotraco Agri CEO Chris Beelen.

Hotraco SmartFlow is based on a measured pressure difference. By measuring the difference between the pig room and the central ventilation duct with a pressure sensor, the Orion determines the passing air quantity in an exhaust duct. Especially when the air quantity is low, the measurement is still very accurate. The required minimum air speed of 0,5 m/s, when using a measuring fan is not important anymore. Experience shows that a measuring fan can get polluted which results in measuring deviations. There is a risk that the incorrect amount of air is ventilated and causes sickness with the animals. Finally this will result in a higher medicine use and more costs per animal.

According to Chris Beelen, with the SmartFlow pig ventilation system Hotraco meets the market which requires a simple and reliable ventilation system without measuring fans and other moving objects that can easily be affected by ammonia and moist. “We succeeded in developing intelligent and user friendly software that also provides animal welfare” said Mr Beelen.

A listing of the advantages of the Hotraco SmartFlow system:

•    Precise and reliable measuring based on pressure difference (even at low air quantities)
•    No minimum air speed required in the exhaust duct.
•     Always the correct negative pressure in the pig room which provides the correct proportion of fresh air with the animals and exhaust of harmful gasses.
•     Simple command and a clear menu structure
•    No measuring fan required and almost maintenance free

The innovative Hotraco SmartFlow system will be introduced at the EuroTier 2012 which takes place November 13-16 in Hannover, Germany.

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