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MS Schippers launches Multi-Treatment Lorry

A lorry for ear tagging, tail cutting and needleless iron jabs has been designed to improve animal health management in swine barns.

The concept was introduced by MS Schippers, the Netherlands, at EuroTier, in Hanover, Germany. The company hopes to enhance on-farm biosecurity by reducing the time of piglets being treated to about ten seconds without the need of them being placed in separate boxes.

“This way, we avoid transfer from litter to litter and from piglet to piglet,” explained Ron Coppens, international sales representative for the company. He summed up that the method would be more hygienic, would cause less pain and stress, would deliver more consistent haemoglobin levels in piglets and means also a relief in labour for swine farmers.

The company introduced its innovation during a conference focusing on ‘a transparent route to healthy pigs.

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