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Gold medal awarded for mobile pig weighing

German livestock equipment company Hölscher + Leuschner received the gold medal for its mobile pig weighing innovation OptiScan, during the EuroTier Evening on Tuesday.

The winning of the gold medal had already been announced late September. This week, at EuroTier, Dr Marc Leuschner and Dr Richard Hoelscher (middle) received the medal from German Agricultural Society Carl-Albrecht Bartmer (left), and Dr Gerd Müller, parliamentary state secretary to the federal minister of food, agriculture and consumer protection (right).

In total, five gold medals were awarded – only one went to a pig-related innovation.
The OptiScan is a mobile weighing system for fattening pigs that works using three-dimensional camera technology. The handy unit is held over the fattening pig for three seconds at a distance regulated by the camera itself depending on the pig body. With the 3D picture and certain coordinates it is possible to determine the weight of the fattening pig digitally.

Silver award-winners
Several other pig-related innovations received silver medals.
•    Düsser Rooting Tower (Landwirtschaftskammer Nordrhein-Westfalen)
•    Schauer Dryfeed Holding Hopper Batch (Schauer Agrotronic)
•    Boar stub (Weda)
•    SowCheck oestrus detection system (Big Dutchman Pig Equipment)
•    BigFarmNet Health Monitoring (Big Dutchman Pig Equipment)
•    Designer Proteins (European Protein)
•    Anta Phyt BLT (Dr Eckel)
•    Farm Power Manager (Big Dutchman International & Big Dutchman Pig Equipment)

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