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AP Company sold to Jyden Bur

AP Company, a subsidiary of Gråkjær, will change hands at the turn of the year. Two of the industry's major players, Gråkjær and Jyden Bur, have signed an agreement to transfer ownership of AP Company.

Gråkjær A/S has chosen to sell off AP Company in order to concentrate on its core business: turnkey construction contracts for animal production. Over the past four years, Gråkjær has developed and optimised AP Company’s products and services in the area of fixtures for pig production, as a result of which the company is enjoying profitable operations and large throughput of orders.

"We have successfully established production and logistics systems that enable AP Company to provide a total project directly from the factory in China to the pig pen," says Jan Larsen, managing director of the Gråkjær group. "As a result, we can now present a well-functioning concept that enjoys great respect throughout Europe. We have now chosen to sell AP Company to Jyden Bur so that we can concentrate on what has been our core business for almost 40 years – constructing buildings in turnkey contracts. We are very satisfied with our agreement with Jyden Bur, which means the business will remain in Danish hands."

Good synergy in company acquisition
The timing of the acquisition fits well with Jyden Bur’s increasing focus on the export market, in which AP Company can complement Jyden Bur’s products and solutions for different customer segments. The acquisition of AP Company supports an expanded range with a standardised concept for the export markets.

"The brand that AP Company represents today fits perfectly into our strategy of growth in markets outside Denmark," commented Jens Agergaard, managing director of Jyden Bur. "The product range that has been built up in recent years is impressively wide and of high quality. By adding a logistics function to complement this – which we have already – we will be highly competitive throughout the entire process all the way from the factory to installation in the animal shed. So as the opportunity to buy the company is now presenting itself, we see this as strengthening Jyden Bur’s skills in the market. This consolidation right now will be beneficial to the industry."

Continuation of the AP Company brand
AP Company will continue to serve its past and future customers, focusing on product, quality and price, and thereby living up to the requirements of modern agriculture. The brand name of AP Company will be continued from its domicile in Horsens, which means that farmers and agents in Denmark and abroad will be served from here. To maximise the synergetic effect, the actual warehouse section will be built up at Jyden Bur in the long term.

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