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Rolling Pig Pen

A pig’s greatest joy is turning over soil. With the Rolling Pig Pen pigs can do just that and cultivate (and fertilise) a field.

The Rolling Pig Pen is built on heavy duty axels and wheels so that it can be moved like a rickshaw. 

The Rolling Pig Pen has an outdoor enclosure for foraging, an indoor area so that the pigs can get out of the rain or sun (pigs do not particularly like rain but need shade or mud to wallow to stay cool as they do not sweat) and a storage area for pig feed.

The Rolling Pig Pen is constructed of standard framing stock and translucent fiberglass.

The Rolling Pig Pen was built by Moskow Linn’s Studio North.  Studio North offer students the opportunity to engage with the rural landscape and to imagine, develop and construct an inventive design solutions.

Pig Progress

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